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at October 19, 2017

See The Invention Restaurants Are Using To Stop Foodborne Illness

Food safety is of top concern, especially during drier, colder winter months.  Learn how SKYwello, awarded Top Innovation for Automation, prevents foodborne illness in a new way. 


at October 10, 2017

Register Now For "Fever and Flu - Why It Matters"

1-hour to start...- register now for the Flu Prevention Webinar!  

"Fever and Flu – Why Temperature Matters"

*30-minute Information-packed Webinar*

Special Guest: Rik Heller, Infection[...]

at October 4, 2017

Wello, Inc. Voted 2017 Top Innovation For Infection Prevention at CAEM

CAEM Delegates Choose welloStation As Top Innovation for Infection Prevention 

Addison, Texas – October 3, 2017 | Wello Inc., maker of infection prevention innovations including the[...]

at September 26, 2017

How Flu Spreads: A Look At The Potency of "Super Spreaders"

It's almost that time again, flu season.  In fact the CDC's "Flu View" shows cases based on geographic location nationwide. The map provides an overview of the U.S. virologic[...]

at September 22, 2017

Rik Heller Presents At CAEM 2017 On Visualizing Disease Spread

If you are planning on attending the upcoming Canadian Association of Environmental Management (CAEM 2017) conference, join Rik Heller, Wello Inc. CEO and inventor of welloStation for[...]

at September 20, 2017

WelloStation Named 2017 Top Innovation by InfectionControl.tips

We are proud to announce this exciting award!

Selected following a rigorous yearlong evaluation process, InfectionControl.tips recognized Wello Inc.'s welloStationas a Top[...]

at September 19, 2017

WelloStation Video Shows How Healthcare Can Prevent Flu Spread

Visitors Enter Hospitals Everyday, But We Don't Know Who Is Contagious

With flu season right around the corner, healthcare and in-patient facilities nationwide are taking precautions to[...]
at September 13, 2017

HITS Consortium Encouraged To Screen For Fever to Prevent Infection


at August 31, 2017

How welloStation™ Helps Hospitals Create A Patient Safety Culture

New welloStation™ Identifies Contagious Visitors and Vendors With Hands-Free Automation

High Volume Fever Screening & Notification Device Prevents Disease 

Patient safety is more[...]

at July 13, 2017

See welloStation™ Live, Booth #1034 at TX Sheriff's Conference

See How Automated welloStation PREVENTS INFECTION Spread BEFORE INTAKE

The #139th Texas Sheriff's Association conference will be packed with new ideas and best practices for[...]