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at April 5, 2017

Free App Tells You When You Could Get Sick Before You Do - welloWatch™ by wello

There are times of the year when you are more susceptible to illness than others, namely the annual flu season. However, cases of virus and infection occur year-round, so why not be[...]

at March 30, 2017

Urgent, We Need Your Opinion! Take the 2-Minute Survey On The welloStation™ Approach To Infection Control.

We are embarking on an exciting journey where we will be bringing a whole new dimension to infection control. For the first time ever, welloStation™ offers employers the opportunity to[...]

at March 29, 2017

New Treatment For Sepsis, The Great Killer


at March 23, 2017

Listen now! Pre-recorded "Soft Surfaces in Healthcare: An Underappreciated Risk of Contamination and Infection" Webinar

What You’ll Learn

Special guest, Darrel Hicks, an internationally recognized subject matter expert on infection prevention and control as it relates to cleaning is joining us to share[...]

at March 21, 2017

Register Now - 3/30 Webinar "Using Chemical Microbicides to Interrupt the Spread of Pathogens,"  Special Guest Dr. Sattar

at February 27, 2017

The Need For Rapid Contagion Screening


Stopping infection before it enters, is the new practice recommended for healthcare professionals.


Some of the most communicable infectious diseases present with fever when they[...]

at February 21, 2017

In Defense of Influenza

Influenza is not one but many diseases.  Well infected in days, our bodies are filled with an epidemic of billions of viruses each capable of causing our cells to make thousands of[...]

at January 28, 2017

Use wello Watch™ for automatic notification of high-infectious days.

Know when your personnel are most susceptible to infection with welloWatch™. This mobile app will provide you with geo-specific information about your potential for disease spread so you[...]

at January 16, 2017

Find Unexpected hot spots for germs in your office

Germs lurk in unlikely places. Be aware of where they hide and control the spread of disease by finding and destroying infection before it starts.

at December 8, 2016

Working Sick

This interview with the Fox News Radio Ohio and wello SystemX™ inventor and founder Rik Heller highlights the problem of “Working Sick” and how to prevent it with wello SystemX.