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at June 26, 2017

Wello Supports The 6th Annual 2017 Sepsis Heroes Event Hosted by Sepsis Alliance

Sepsis can be deadly, yet it is treatable when detected early. Sepsis is the body’s overwhelming and life-threatening response to infection, caused by common, easily transmitted[...]

at June 23, 2017

See SKYwello™ Booth #834 @ 2017 Texas Restaurant Association Marketplace

New Hands-free SKYwello Automatically Checks Temperature During Line Checks And Prevents Foodborne Illness Spread

Texas Restaurant Association Marketplace is one of the fastest[...]

at June 14, 2017

Study Proves welloStation™ Accurately Detects Fever For Improved Workplace Health

Rapid Temperature Screening for Workplace Health study released by, Pan-Access worldwide collective, IC.tips, proves the efficacy of the welloStation™ in workplace health.


at June 9, 2017

See welloStation™ Live!  APIC 2017 Show Booth #372


Hands-free, self serve fever screening solution to launch at APIC 2017 in Portland June 14-15.

Have you been looking for new ways to stop infection spread that won’t make your staff[...]

at May 20, 2017

New SKYwello™ Automatically Stops Foodborne Illness In Restaurants

Avoids Practice Of Bare-Hand Temperature Checks Known To Spread Disease 

DALLAS, TX | May 19, 2017 – SKYwello™ is the restaurant industry’s solution to the challenge of foodborne illness[...]

at May 11, 2017

See SKYwello™ Booth #10949 @ 2017 National Restaurant Association Show

One Hands-free, Fully Automated Solution To Speed Up Line Checks & Prevent Foodborne Illness Spread

With over 20,000 attendees, the 2017 National Restaurant Association show will be[...]

at May 9, 2017

#HC Biz Hosts Rik Heller, Explores Using Barrier Technology to Stop Infectious Disease Spread

Using Barrier Technology to Stop the Spread of Infectious Disease – Rik Heller

The #HCBiz Show’s Don Lee and Shahid Shah invited Rik Heller, CEO of wello Inc., and inventor of[...]
at May 6, 2017

See welloStation™ Live!  2017 Texas Jail Association Booth #78

See how welloStation™ helps Jails stop inmate infection spread

The 2017 Texas Jail Association conference will be packed with new ideas and best practices for correctional[...]

at April 5, 2017

Free App Tells You When You Could Get Sick Before You Do - welloWatch™ by wello

There are times of the year when you are more susceptible to illness than others, namely the annual flu season. However, cases of virus and infection occur year-round, so why not be[...]

at March 30, 2017

Urgent, We Need Your Opinion! Take the 2-Minute Survey On The welloStation™ Approach To Infection Control.

We are embarking on an exciting journey where we will be bringing a whole new dimension to infection control. For the first time ever, welloStation™ offers employers the opportunity to[...]