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The WelloStationX is proven to be safer, more accurate, and more cost-effective than human or thermal camera solutions.

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FDA-Cleared as a Class II medical device.

Watch this video to see our fearless leader demonstrating how the WelloStationX works as we roll-out in the City of Dallas:

And with just 3 seconds to scan, it’s perfect for high
throughput areas.

Protecting Our Partners

“Fever is the best indicator of potential contagiousness. Although fever is your body’s first immune system tool to fight off infection, you can still shed and spread pathogens. welloStationX is an innovative technology that can be an effective tool to break the chain of contagious infection by separating sick people away from the well population.”

Dr. Murray L. Cohen, MPH, CIH, CDC
at WHO

“I believe the welloStationX solution is truly an innovation in the area of infection prevention because it empowers employers with the ability to protect the health of their employees, and the elements they touch from the spread of infection and foodborne disease.”

Darrel Hicks Author of Infection Prevention for Dummies, Founding Member of the InfectionControl.tips

“Patient Safety is #1 at our facility. The family members really feel like we are taking that extra step by trying to do as much as possible to prevent the spread of infections to their loved ones.”

Anita Mullen, Infection Control Director, Baylor Scott & White Orthopedic and Spine Hospital, Arlington, TX

About the WelloStationX

  • Identify people with an elevated temperature before they enter
  • Notify healthcare personnel of potential risks
  • Help improve patient outcomes by going above and beyond standard of care
  • Protect your reputation and empower employees with actionable info about potentially high-risk persons in real-time
  • Reduce risks to healthcare professionals
  • Trust in your tools, as welloStationX is a clinically-tested and FDA approved Class II medical device

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